The Linx® Reflux Procedure

For over 20 years, Dr. Chmielewski has been dedicated to providing the latest and best solutions for patients with reflux. As one of the leading reflux specialists in the Chicago area, he is one of only five physicians in Illinois who has completed the extensive training required to perform the Linx procedure. This minimally invasive, out-patient procedure is offered at Rush University Medical Center.

Life-changing Benefits

  • 92% of patients were free of daily medication
  • 98% of patients required no change to their daily diet due to heartburn
  • 98% of patients had no bothersome heartburn affecting their sleep

Linx Advantages

  • Minimally invasive procedure does not require alteration to the stomach
  • Patients typically go home the same day and resume a normal diet and activities
  • Patients retain the normal ability to belch and vomit
  • Reduces gas and bloating
  • Designed to last a lifetime for permanent relief from GERD

Linx has an excellent record of reflux control and a high safety profile which has now been well documented in clinical studies. It offers my patients suffering from reflux a much needed alternative to medication or more invasive surgeries.

Dr. Chmielewski

How does Linx work?

Linx is designed to strengthen the weak lower esophageal sphincter and restore the body’s natural barrier to reflux. When you eat or drink, the force of swallowing opens the Linx device and allows food and liquid to pass normally.

Are you a candidate for Linx?

Medication fails to bring relief to about 30% of GERD patients and Linx may provide an excellent alternative. Reasons to consider reflux surgery include:
  • You are young and don’t want to take medication for the rest of your life
  • You suffer from regurgitation – medication will not control regurgitation
  • Your quality of life is reduced due to your GERD
  • You are concerned about the long term effects of GERD medication
  • You have developed night time or new symptoms or your medication is no longer providing relief – both of these may indicate that your GERD is progressing and needs to be addressed
All patients at University Thoracic Surgeons who are seen for reflux are carefully screened and evaluated to ensure that Linx is right for them. To learn more about Linx, go to

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